Beat The Gas Price Hike

Save More Energy

In this time of energy crisis, our Infrared heaters are designed to save your energy cost up to 80%. The biggest push behind infrared heaters are that they consume 30-50% less energy as compared to gas boilers. Infrared heaters are renewable heating systems so they don’t emit any carbon into the atmosphere and ensure safe & clean environment for you.

Moreover, as efficiency is concerned infrared heaters are 300-400% more efficient than gas boilers. It means that Infared heaters will produce 3-4 times more heat for every kilowatt(kW) of electricity that they will use.

Research, shows that household gas boilers produce eight times more air pollutants as compared to the power plants in the factories. Government has risen the gas prices because of their increasing demand nationwide. In the next coming years, government is planning to ban the installation of gas boilers as they are biggest threat for the climate too. It is also obvious from the research that due to increase in gas prices, household energy bills will rise up to 18-20% each year.

Climate researchers come to a conclusion that in this time of gas price crisis, households should switch to clean heat pumps in order to ensure a low-cost, safe & clean environment. Another analysis shows that UK home gas boilers, produce CO2 emissions & air pollutions as one gas power station. The dangerous consequences of gas boilers are becoming clear and thus leaving no choice for domestic users except switching towards infrared heating.

Save More Money

It is being said that in the upcoming years government is planning to ban the installation of gas boilers as they are biggest threat for the climate.

Furthermore, government will provide grants or loans to those people who will make the switch towards heat pumps and therefore it will also help in lowering their overall household energy bills.

It shows that each month customer will face £30 increase in their monthly bill. It is also predicted that in the April of next year situation will become even worse because of hike-up in gas prices.

So, this winter, UK gas storage is only sufficient to meet the 4,5 days of gas demand. Perhaps, because of the fuel poverty, hard-pressed families are expected to spend more than 10% of their income just on the energy bills.

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