How to Beat the Gas Price Hike?

With the current rise of energy prices, many people around the United Kingdom are trying their best to save money where they can. Understandably, as much as you may be wanting to cut costs down, it does not necessarily mean that your comfort should also be affected.

Here at Infrared heating, we aim to deliver cost-effective constant warmth to our customers via our advanced Infrared technology.
Energy draining heaters such as convection heaters and boilers are a thing of the past. Standard convection heaters release heat in to the air which easily escapes through gaps and vents. This type of heat hovers in the air and tends to rise instead of circulating the room, meaning you can end up spending a fortune if you are wanting to effectively heat your property. That being said, all it takes is for a crack of a window or an open door to make all that heated air vanish in minutes.

Infrared heat, on the other hand, is the type of warmth that you soak up from the sun! This type of heat is stored in the walls and objects inside your home; delivering slow-release heat from all around. As our bodies and clothes store this heat for longer, Infrared heating is a much smarter way of cutting down on costs whilst still maintaining your comfort.

Infrared heating is a cost-efficient, low-maintenance & an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating. Best of all, the products range from heated mirror panels to accessories, and so much more to complement your home.

Making the switch today can save you up to 80% on your annual bill! Let us help you save space, money and energy.

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