The Benefits

Infrared Heating offers a number of benefits including:

  • More energy efficienct
  • Better for the environment

As well as more practical benefits for both yourself and your home. Infrared Heating is 100% natural for the human body than traditional air heating systems. The human body is designed to accept and emit infrared waves, so infrared heating can give you the same feeling as natural sunlight.

Infrared Heating systems also cause less dust and pollutants, by heating the fabric of your home rather than just the air. The fabric of your building will be able to retain heat for much longer than the air, providing you with more thermal comfort.

The fact that it causes less dust is a clear benefit to any asthma or allergy sufferers, and fewer pollutants means there is less to breathe in, as well as providing obvious environmental benefits. Infrared Heating can also reduce the risk of damp and mould, by heating the actual walls of your property.

This can minimize the risk of any expensive damage being done to your house and decorations as a result of damp.

As well as the personal benefits, infrared heating can be 100% energy efficient, provided your property is insulated correctly, which as well as being more environmentally friendly, will lead to significant financial savings. The fact that Infrared Heating heats objects in your room will allow your property to stay warmer for longer, with all objects releasing absorbed heat over a period of time. This could, again, lead to a lot of financial savings.

Infrared heating also offers you complete control, using the same methods seen with traditional heating systems, such as programmable thermostats, receivers and sensors, as well as through other systems such as BMS (Building management systems) and PIR’s (Passive Infrared Sensors), and offers you the opportunity for the traditional systems, thermostats or receivers, to be either hardwired or wireless.


Another practical benefit to Infrared Heating systems is the low cost of installation, and substantially lower chance of problems, and so lower chance of them needing expensive maintenance. Infrared Heating systems have no moving parts, and so can be installed quickly and easily. The lack of moving parts, in comparison to traditional fan-assisted or water-based heating systems, means that there will be virtually no need for any maintenance or servicing, vastly reducing the potential costs.

An Infrared Heating system would be installed in your property by an expert, who would take into account your property’s level of insulation and potential heat loss, as well as you and the occupants behaviours and habits, to ensure that the Infrared Heating system installed is completely personal, and that you see all of the benefits possible.

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