An Artistic Revolution: Combining Heating With Artwork​​

We all have our favourite artist or period of art, be that modern art, work by Da Vinci, or perhaps you’re more into abstract art. Whatever floats your boat, we all have our own individual tastes in art, regardless of whether or not we’re the next artistic prodigy or gallery enthusiast. Unfortunately, artwork comes at a price and not a low one either! Even though that empty space next to your dining table is just screaming for a Renaissance painting to be put there, do you want to spend hundreds of pounds on a piece of art? Probably not.

At Infrared Heating Solutions, we have an affordable, innovative and ingenious solution for you. 3 words, 21 letters: Infrared Heating Panels. With Infrared heaters, not only can you get your favourite painting or photograph printed onto the panel, but for the first time, you can now make your heating a design feature in your home! Buying and installing heaters into your home is usually a lengthy, time-consuming process. But there’s no need to worry about this with Infrared heating. Not only is this modern heating extremely affordable, but the panels are extremely easy to install as they can be hung on the wall or ceiling. Thanks to their standard 3-pin mains connection, they also have zero maintenance costs due to their simple construction. Infrared panels are the perfect solution to your design and heating wishes.

A query that we hear time and time again from customers is to do with saving space in their home or business. Most heaters are visually unattractive and take up a lot of space- 2 things every home or business owner absolutely dreads! However, Infrared heaters are sleek and look very attractive in your home or business. Whether you’re looking for a family photo or a Van Gogh painting to be printed on them, Infrared panels are extremely versatile and can accommodate either. Printing onto an Infrared panel is also considerably more affordable than buying your heater and portrait separately, so you can save time, money and space!

Sound too good to be true? Check out our website , call us on 01204 520544 or drop us an email at Speak to one of our specialists today to find out how we can make your heating a design feature in your home. Infrared heating panels are the face of the future paving the way to an artistic revolution.

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