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Infrared heating is a relatively new method of heating in the UK. So how exactly does this modern, innovative, energy efficient technology work?

The panels provide heat by converting electricity into infrared energy to evenly warm up the room, emitting heat after only 30 seconds. In contrast to convection heaters, they function more efficiently by heating surfaces directly rather than the air. Infrared technology heats you directly as well as the very fabric of your building, including the walls, furniture and any other objects in it.

They enable you to maximise living space as they can be hung from the ceiling or walls in comparison to conventional heaters which are not efficient in conserving space. Infrared heating is far more cost-effective than conventional electric heaters, as they require half of the power input to provide the same level of heat. Almost 100% of electrical energy used by infrared heaters is converted to heat. This environmentally-friendly method of heating can also help to reduce you carbon dioxide emissions and carbon footprint. The technology doesn’t have any emissions or noise and panels have a long-lasting average 15-20-year life span.

Top 3 reasons to choose infrared heating over traditional systems:

  1. Infrared heating has numerous health benefits and is a widely recognised form of natural healthcare used in physiotherapy and rheumatism treatments. When it is absorbed into the body, it enhances the immune system, reduces joint pain and inflammation, and increases blood circulation. As a result, infrared heating helps to heal injuries faster too.
  2. There is far less movement of air, which means that less dust and allergens are circulated around the room. This helps to reduce their impact and makes the heating ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  3. The panels can also help prevent the formation of mould on walls due to their unique positioning.

In terms of installation, the panels run solely on electricity and do not require a boiler or additional pipework to function. This makes is easier and cheaper to install than wet central heating systems, with the added benefit that the panels are effectively controlled to heat individual room to match consumer requirements. Moreover, servicing and maintenance are not required for the panels.

Infrared systems can be well incorporated into modern homes. They offer consumers an unprecedented level of control over their property’s temperatures and energy use, providing higher thermal comfort levels. The heating panels can be controlled individually or with intelligent wireless controls. Compared to other conventional heaters, infrared heating saves between 30-60% of consumers annual energy usage. The heaters can be fully customised to meet consumer requirements. New designs mean that the heaters can be a picture, a piece of art or plain panels placed on the wall or ceiling.

This technology is used both in domestic and commercial applications. It has been used for decades in Germany and Norway and is now growing in popularity in the UK as people are beginning to see its benefits. It is without doubt that infrared heating is applicable to all premises and represents the future of heating choices.

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