Be Beautiful, Feel Beautiful – Infrared Heating Technology for you

Infrared Sauna’s and their beautifying benefits have taken the celebrity world by storm. With many beauty and health professionals guaranteeing the benefits infrared heating technology and its effects on the body we can briefly touch on how to make your body and soul feel happier, healthier and more beautiful.

  • Infrared heat detoxification

    As with exercise our body’s most natural way of removing toxins is from sweating. The heat inside an infrared sauna is several times more effective than a traditional sauna at eliminating toxins and increasing sweat produced by the body. This results in a rapid yet safe cleanse of waste products clearing space for goodness

  • Infrared heat and weight loss

    During physical exertion such as exercise the human body begins to warm up, increasing the heart rate and pumping blood around the body at a much faster rate. In an infrared sauna, the core body temperature will increase, resulting in an increase in heart rate, and the burning of more natural calories resulting in weight loss without the strenuous movements and exercise. In recent articles it has been identified that 30 minutes of an infrared sauna session could equate to burning around 600 calories.

  • Skin Purification and Acne
    Although infrared heat and the use of an infrared sauna does not directly reduce or improve the appearance of acne and scarring, it can aid in the reduction of acne occurrence. Sweating unclogs pores and helps purify your skin by increasing blood circulation and eliminating toxins within.

Clear pores and reduced oil and toxins in the skin can reduce the outbreak of acne. The cleanse of the skin from the sweat and open pores, means dead skin and blackheads clear out from the appearance of the skin leaving a healthy, softer and clearer natural looking glow. Check out our Infrared Heating Panels for your home or beauty business.

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