Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

Infrared heating is a relatively new method of heating in the UK. So how exactly does this modern, innovative, energy efficient technology work? The panels provide heat by converting electricity into infrared energy to evenly warm up the room, emitting heat after only 30 seconds. In contrast to convection heaters, they function more efficiently by heating surfaces […]

Does Infrared Heating in the Home Save Money?

With the rising costs of energy, and more people looking for greener home heating alternatives than ever, many are turning to infrared heating during the cold winter months. Not only does infrared heating save homeowners on their energy bills, but it’s also saving the planet! How Does Infrared Heating Work and What are the Benefits? […]

Infrared Heating vs Propane Heating

Deciding on a home heating source can quickly become a confusing task due to the many options available. Cost, maintenance, and heat up times are all factors to take into consideration when choosing the right system for you. We will explore some of the differences, as well as pros and cons, between infrared heating and propane heating […]

Why IR Heating is the Cost-Efficient Solution to Your High Energy Bill

Choosing infrared heating for your home or commercial building might be the best decision you’ve ever made when it comes to taking control of your energy usage. At Infrared Heating Supplies, we are not only the largest retailer of IR heating supplies, we believe we are a valuable online resource for our customers looking into […]

Take a Second Look at the Safety of Infrared Heating

At Infrared Heating Supplies, we receive a lot of calls from prospective customers asking, ‘Is infrared heat safe?’. The answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes’. Not only is infrared heat considerably safer than many other types of heating options, it offers energy efficiency in your home or business. We’re the largest online retailer […]

Don’t get frozen out of your conservatory

Food for thought, one of the biggest costs you will undertake in your house, is installing a conservatory. You probably have had one installed and later learned that it’s going to be colder than your freezer during these winter months. This is painful but even more painful when we tell you that the fan, oil […]

How Infrared Heating Works

When looking for new ways to heat your space efficiently and at a low cost, it may be beneficial to look into infrared heating. You’ve probably heard of infrared light at some point in your life as it’s often mentioned in science classes when talking about the light spectrum. Even then, however, it is one […]

Don’t burn away your money using your fan heater this winter

We know, we know ! This is a big statement but this is going to ring true because you are probably sitting next to a fan heater and don’t think oil heaters are actually any better (check the wattage between 2-5000 KWs at least) whether it’s in your home or if you are a business […]

The Top Benefits of Infrared Heating Panels

Infrared light is the light that makes us feel warm when the sun shines on us during the winter months. Even when the temperatures reach below freezing, the infrared waves of the sun warm any object that it hits including us. Infrared is electromagnetic radiation that is not visible to the naked eye. Radiation is […]

Be Beautiful, Feel Beautiful – Infrared Heating Technology for you

Infrared Sauna’s and their beautifying benefits have taken the celebrity world by storm. With many beauty and health professionals guaranteeing the benefits infrared heating technology and its effects on the body we can briefly touch on how to make your body and soul feel happier, healthier and more beautiful. Infrared heat detoxification As with exercise our body’s […]