Don’t get frozen out of your conservatory

Food for thought, one of the biggest costs you will undertake in your house, is installing a conservatory. You probably have had one installed and later learned that it’s going to be colder than your freezer during these winter months. This is painful but even more painful when we tell you that the fan, oil or patio heater you are using is usually between 2- 5000 KW’s and chomping away at your bank balance every time you use it. The worse thing is, it still does not get any warmer enough for you to stay in the conservatory as much as you would like to.

Well here’s the good news, we have developed a range of Infrared heating panels which are safe, super efficient and almost 70 per cent compared to traditional heaters. They will keep you warm whilst you are in there and easy to install. Come on guys, get full use of that conservatory this winter.

Infrared heating is the latest ground breaking eco heating technology that will save you money. Speak to one of our advisors today.

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