Five Health benefits of Infrared heat

We often refer to health as a physical state of the body, and forget that the mind controls that body and its wellbeing. Infrared heat deeply impacts our mind and body. Here are five benefits of near and far infrared heat therapy.

  • Relaxation of the Mind
    Infrared heat and therapies such as sauna therapy promote a comforting environment for your body to relax in. Once relaxed the mind releases chemicals such cortisol a hormone that reduces stress, relaxing tension in both the body and mind.

  • Improved Circulation
    Infrared heat increases your core body temperature, stimulating continuous blood flow from the heart in and around the body. The improvement of circulation enables an increased level of fresh oxygen and other nutrients to reach vital organs, removing carbon dioxide and other waste substances away from these organs, improving their functions helping to perform better and feel healthier.

  • Muscle recovery
    The stimulation of blood flow helps your exhausted muscles recover quickly and decreases pain from inflammation and exercise. Infrared heat releases a chemical called Nitric oxide which stimulates circulation and the movement of good nutrients and fresh oxygen to the aching muscles. Infrared heat has also been related to the improvement and relief of joint aches, pains and the symptoms of arthritis.

  • Fighting fit immune system
    Infrared heat lamps and infrared lights provide all the benefits of healthy sun rays without the detriment of exposure to the sun. Far infrared ray studies have shown that the subtle heating of the body from the core increases the production of white blood cells improving our ability to fight off disease and strengthening our immune systems.

  • Sweat it out
    Infrared red heat penetrates deep into the body and increases the core body temperature. This increase in heat improves the natural heart rate, increasing the metabolic rate within the body. This boost increases the removal of waste products and other toxic substances as well breaking down fat and cellulite.

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