Give life to your interiors

The old-fashioned spring clean has a new vibe this Winter, with upping your interior designs before the clocks move forward again.

Floral wallpapers return to our rooms in much larger and more beautiful bold designs. In theme with this seasons colours of blush pinks, pale greys and emerald greens, used as a feature wall and complemented with velvet sofa’s, armchairs and footrests. Soft grey throws and sporadic green plants will bring the look together, reflecting this season’s latest trends in a soft, subtle and personal way.

Make it organic and take it back to nature. The authentic outdoors, fresh white tablecloths and woody woven furniture, finished with natural green plants and shades of light grey, pale creams and off whites will bring light into your home, without disturbing the natural decorum of your living space.

Plants are back in this season, so fill your window ledges, corners of your room, bathroom and side tables with natural plant life. Not only do they add brilliant colour to this season’s minimalist trends, but they circulate cleaner, natural, filtered air, even when the windows are closed this winter.

Throw out the copper furniture and switch it up for Brass this season, keeping a sharp, calm and focused look by following the Japanese uncluttered theme of simple and elegant, bringing together the natural elements.  

Speaking of nature, in recent years increasing the time available to make use of outdoor facilities has been greatly overlooked. Storing away the cushions from the patio furniture at the first glimpse of a grey cloud, shortens the time available to enjoy relaxation in the open air, from the comfort of our homes. Add an outdoor Infrared Heater to warm the air in your outdoor surroundings, unaffected by drafts to enhance your outdoor leisure facilities.

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