Heating Grants

It’s no secret – we need to do more to save the planet. The UK has passed a law to end its contribution towards global warming by 2050.Cut down on emissions, lower our carbon footprint, we all know what we can do to contribute. Businesses and organisations especially, who use a high quantity of energy for long periods of the day, can lower emissions to aid in saving our little rock. But we can’t do it alone, so we’ve got some good news. To help businesses implement green initiatives, Low Carbon Workspaces are offering grants to fund energy improvements.

These grants range from 1,000 to 5,000 and apply to small and medium-sized businesses in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes. They’re funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

And if all this wasn’t enough – Infrared Heating Supplies are now part of this initiative! Want to switch to more energy-efficient and cheaper heating? Now you can for less cost and no fuss! Upgrade your business’ heating system and save money on the upfront cost. Many individuals and businesses choose not to make the switch to infrared heating because of the cost of installing a panel into each room, despite the overall cost (due to much lower bills and no maintenance) being much lower than traditional convection heating. With this grant, businesses can cover the upfront cost of the panels – it’s a no brainer!

On top of all this, you get all the benefits of infrared heating for your commercial spaces. Think of the extra space, the moist air and the lack of maintenance you can gain from implementing infrared heating systems into your business. It’s better for you, and better for the planet – a win-win situation!

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what businesses who have used the grant had to say!

It’s done wonders for us. We’re spending the money on new tooling and staff. It’s made our people think, we can do things differently – improve the business, whilst doing our bit.

Right from the start we knew we wanted to make our business as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Our new electric van is a customer-facing symbol which demonstrates our genuine commitment to being eco-friendly. Our customers really get the environmental message and we’ve been inundated with enquiries and new customers.

How To Apply

So, we’ve convinced you to apply for the grant – or almost have. Luckily, it’s quick and easy to apply. We’ve made a step-by-step guide below:

Plan Your Project & Obtain Quotes

Get in touch with us and get a quote for your heating! You can check out our products on the website, email us at info@infraredheatingsupplies.com, or call us on 01204 520 544. If you would like help identifying opportunities, you can contact Low Carbon Workspaces for some advice!

Submit Your Application For Review

Visit www.lowcarbonworkspaces.co.uk and send in your completed application form along with the quotation from your chosen supplier and relevant utility bills. You’ll receive a decision within 5 working days.

Implement Your Project & Claim The Grant

On receipt of your grant offer letter, you can implement your project. Send in your claim form to www.lowcarbonworkspaces.co.uk to confirm your payment in full to the supplier (maybe us!). You’ll be paid the grant within 30 working days.

So there you go! Easy peasy! If you’d like any more information visit the Low Carbon Workspaces website at www.lowcarbonworkspaces.co.uk or call them on 01494 927131. We hope you’re as excited by this good news as we are! Let’s save the planet!

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