Animal House Heating

An animal shelter’s primary purpose is to keep animals under your care safe and comfortable. Heating is a crucial part of this, hugely contributing to the right environment, keeping the animals content. Additionally, animals can’t tell you if they are too hot or cold making the heating system even more essential, as to avoid causing the animals distress.

Many traditional heating systems are hazardous and unfitting for use in animal enclosures. Often, large heaters are placed within reach of the animals opening up real opportunity to cause the animals harm as well as taking up their space, reducing welfare. Moreover, these systems are known to create stuffy and uncomfortable environments for the animals, causing them to suffer.

Infrared heating systems provide both a cost effective and energy efficient solution to heat animal shelters, whilst taking the risk away from the hazards traditionally associated with doing so. They do all this whilst providing a comfortable living environment for the animals.

Benefits of using infrared heating systems in animal shelters

  • Infrared heaters can be mounted high up above the animals on the ceilings and walls, due to infrared technology that directly penetrates the animal’s skin from distance.
  • This means that the space allocated for the animals is not reduced.
  • Additionally, this means the heaters are placed out of reach of the animals, revoking risk of injury.
  • Infrared technology mimics heat that comes from natural sunlight, creating the optimum conditions for animals to live in, improving welfare of the animals.
  • Heating is instant as it penetrates surfaces in its path, rather than heating up the air of the whole room, which is uneconomical and slow.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be used to target specific areas of the enclosure, to reduce energy wastage.