Affordable and Efficient Heating Solution for Dog Kennels

As a dog owner, making sure your pet is comfy and happy is key. As the weather gets colder, it’s vital to pick an option for heating your dog’s kennel that is both affordable and efficient. Many face the challenge of keeping their dog’s space warm without spending too much on energy.

heating for dog kennels

Infrared kennel heaters are a great option for keeping outdoor dog kennels warm and snug. They emit infrared beams that warm objects within the kennel, making it a cosy spot. It keeps the area clean and not too stuffy, reducing cold spots and dust. This makes it a healthier space for your pet.

These kennel heaters come in two sizes for various kennel sizes. The 400-watt (595mm x 595mm) model suits kennels up to 8m square. The 550-watt (1195mm x 595mm) model is great for kennels up to 15m square. With these, you can say farewell to the old heat lamps for dog kennels. Choose the convenient and effective infrared heating instead.

In the text below, we will look deeply into why it’s important to keep your dog warm. We’ll see the perks of infrared heating and learn to pick the best heater for your kennel. We are about to reveal a cost-effective and efficient way to keep your pet happy and warm throughout the year.

The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Warm in Their Kennel

The winter months are here, and it’s vital to keep your dog warm. Cold weather can be just as tough on dogs as it is on us. Making sure they have a warm place to stay is important for their health. By meeting dog kennel heating requirements, you shield them from the cold weather risks.

Understanding Your Dog’s Heating Needs

Dogs’ needs for warmth vary. The type of dog, how old they are, and their health all play a part. Some dogs handle the cold pretty well, but others, like Chihuahuas or Greyhounds, need more warmth.

Puppies and older dogs, or those with health problems, are even more sensitive to cold. They require special care in the winter.

If you see your dog shivering or acting differently, they might be too cold. Their signs could be shivering or not wanting to eat. If you spot these, it’s crucial to give them a warmer place.

The Risks of Inadequate Heating in Dog Kennels

Not keeping your dog warm enough can lead to health problems. This includes serious issues like hypothermia and frostbite. It could even threaten their life. Cold, damp conditions can also worsen illnesses like arthritis.

It’s really important to make sure your dog’s kennel is well-insulated and has good heating. Well-made outdoor kennels could maintain a cozy 80°F (27°C) even when it’s freezing outside. This kind of setup can really keep your dog healthy and happy in the cold.

Infrared Heating: An Excellent Solution for Dog Kennels

Infrared heating is great for making dog kennels comfy. It spreads heat evenly, saving you money. It’s perfect for dog parents who want the best.

How Infrared Heating Works

Infrared heaters send out invisible beams that heat up the kennel. They make sure everything stays warm. This stops cold spots and makes the air cleaner.

The 660W Classic Infrared Heating Panel is a good pick. It heats up 15-20m². This keeps your dog’s kennel a welcoming place.

Benefits of Infrared Heating for Dogs

For dogs, infrared heating is a game-changer. It helps them move better by warming their joints. It also keeps their home dry, so they stay healthy.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Infrared heating is more energy-efficient than most. It can cut your bill by up to 70%. This saves dog owners lots of money.

Heaters like the Super Efficient Ceiling Mounted Panel with (optional) thermostatic control start at £160.00. They are budget-friendly and do a great job.

Choose a good heater like the 400W Classic Infrared Heating Panel. It comes with a 5-year warranty, makes your dog happy and helps the planet.

Choosing the Right Infrared Heater for Your Dog Kennel

Choosing the perfect infrared heater for your dog’s kennel is key. Make sure to think about your dog’s needs and the kennel’s size. This will help keep your pet warm and cosy during the cold months.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Infrared Heater

Think about the kennel’s size, how well it’s insulated, and your dog’s breed and coat. These aspects affect the heater you should pick. It’s best to go for wall or ceiling heaters. This helps keep them out of water and avoids hazards. Ensure the heater has an IP rating to protect against moisture. Choose ones made of durable, easy-to-clean material like aluminium too.

Recommended Infrared Heater Sizes for Different Kennel Dimensions

For kennels up to 8m square, our 400-watt heater that measures 595mm by 595mm is a great choice. For larger kennels up to 15 metres square, the 660-watt heater that’s 1005mm by 605mm is better. Check out these heaters here.

When picking a heater size, pay care to your kennel’s layout. At Infrared Heating Supplies we have a variety of Far Infrared Heaters perfectly suited for dog kennels. They range from 400W to 1100W. These are ceiling mount heaters and are ideal for kennels with little wall space. For big commercial kennels, there are the heaters that go up to 1100W. This ensures even the largest areas are heated well.

Consider the kennel size and your dog’s needs to choose the right infrared heater. With many options for size, power, and mounting, there’s a heater perfect for your kennel. This makes sure your dog is warm and happy all year.

Heating for dog kennels

Dog kennel heating options include infrared heaters as well as heated dog beds. Heated dog beds are designed for providing warmth directly to your pet. They use low-wattage heating elements and are safe for pets. These beds are great for areas needing warm temperatures, like whelping boxes or seed propagation.

When building a kennel, don’t forget about dog kennel insulation. Good insulation helps keep your dog’s space warm and energy bills low. Choose materials like Celotex or polystyrene. They keep the heat in and save energy. This, when paired with suitable heating, makes a snug and efficient place for your pet.

Some studies show that using energy-saving heating solutions for dog kennels can cut energy use by 25%. That’s a saving of about £150 each year on your heating bill. It also means a 30% drop in your kennel’s carbon emissions, which is good for our planet’s future.

In the UK, more than 1,000 dog kennels are now using these smart heating solutions. Almost everyone who uses them is happy with their performance. It only takes 2-3 hours to set up these systems in a standard-sized kennel. So, it’s an easy choice for those with busy lives.

These special heating solutions for dog kennels not only save money and the environment but also boost your dog’s health. Vets say there are fewer cases of stiff joints and breathing problems in dogs with good heating. People working in these kennels feel better and work harder too, thanks to the comfortable temperatures.

Additional Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Kennel Warm

Using infrared heaters is great, but there are other tips for a warm dog kennel. Think about where you put the kennel. It should be in a spot that’s sheltered, like next to a wall. This helps keep out cold winds, keeping the inside warmer.

Good bedding is key for keeping your dog warm. You can use soft, insulated beds or even straw for them to burrow into. Remember to keep the bedding clean and dry by checking it often. It’s also a good idea to raise the kennel off the ground. This stops heat from escaping and prevents moisture from building up.

When you use electric heaters, make sure the cables are safe from your dog. They shouldn’t be able to chew on them. Always watch how your dog is doing. Change their bedding or heating if they’re not comfortable. These steps will make sure your dog is happy and warm when it’s cold outside.


How effective are infrared heaters for dog kennels?

Infrared heaters for kennels work very well and are energy-efficient, cutting costs by up to 60%. They offer effective heat that’s clean and not dry. This helps to lower cold spots and dust, making the air healthier.

What size infrared heater do I need for my dog’s kennel?

There are two sizes of radiant heaters for kennels. A 400-watt one fits in a 8m square kennel. The larger 660-watt size can heat up to a 15 square metre area.

Why is it important to keep my dog’s kennel warm?

Keeping your dog’s kennel warm is vital to stop them from getting cold or sick. They can’t heat themselves up like we can. So, using powerful kennel heaters is crucial, especially for outdoor kennels in winter or for dogs with short fur.

What are the signs that my dog is too cold?

If your dog is too cold, they might shiver, whine, or sit in an odd position. If you see these signs, you should make their kennel warmer.

How do infrared heaters benefit dogs?

Infrared heaters help dogs by spreading heat evenly and improving air circulation. This can be good for dogs with joint problems. They also save money because they’re efficient.

What factors should I consider when choosing an infrared heater for my dog’s kennel?

Think about your kennel’s size, how well it’s insulated, and what your dog is like. Choose a heater that mounts on the wall or ceiling to avoid water. It should also be made of sturdy, cleanable material like aluminum and have an IP40 rating against water.

Are there other ways to keep my dog’s kennel warm besides infrared heaters?

Yes, you can add heated beds and pads, like the ones for puppies or plants, for more warmth. When you build a kennel, insulate it with materials like Celotex to keep the heat in.

How can I ensure my dog’s comfort in their kennel?

To make your dog’s kennel more comfortable, put it where cold winds won’t reach, like next to a wall. Use soft, warm bedding they can snuggle in. Change the bedding often and keep any electrical heaters safely out of your dog’s way.

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