Awning Heating

Awning areas are a great addition to any business or home, providing cosy alfresco conditions that can be enjoyed all year round with the correct heating system. The temperature conditions in these areas are hard to keep comfortable as they are large spaces with open sides leaving them exposed to the climate.

Traditional heating systems often used, such as fan and gas heaters, are cumbersome and uneconomical. Furthermore, they take a long time to heat the area up and when they do, they often make the area stuffy and suffocating to guests. Notably, they can also cause potential health hazards to customers by unsettling dust.

Advancements in heating technology are improving the conditions and costs of heating awning areas. By using the latest infrared heating technology, you can take significant steps to a cost effective and energy efficient business or home. Infrared heating systems provide a number of benefits compared to traditional heating systems.

Benefits of using infrared heating in awning areas

  • Heating is instant, unlike other more traditional heating sources that use convection currents to warm all the air in the area up.
  • Infrared heaters can be mounted on walls or ceilings to blend in, keeping the area how you would like it to look.
  • Ensures all the people in the awning are comfortably warm. Infrared light warms objects and surfaces, increasing the mean temperature and reducing individual’s body heat loss to surroundings.
  • Heats people directly instead of areas around them, ensuring that the area does not become stuffy and unpleasant.
  • Heat from infrared heaters are unaffected by draughts, reducing energy wastage.
  • Light pollution is minimised by ultra-low glare options, allowing the area to stay tasteful.
  • Economical energy consumption and long- lasting components.
  • Gentle and consistent source of heat improving the experience of the area.
  • Heaters are weatherproof so are ideal for the outside environment.