Bar Heating

Alfresco dining/drinking areas are becoming a progressively integral part to the success of a bar. This is because offering customers a stylish alternative to inside dining is becoming increasingly attractive which in turn boosts revenue. However, heating in this area is essential, or they are very unappealing. Heating these notoriously hard-to-heat areas is no easy feat, without facing high running costs and ineffective results.

Heating systems traditionally used to heat these areas, such as gas heaters are extremely inefficient. They require heavy gas bottles to be replaced frequently and they take up a lot of valuable floor space, reducing capacity. Additionally, they don’t blend in to the area, looking bulky and unsightly.

Conversely, advancements in heating technology are offering a solution to the issues faced with outdoor bar heating. Infrared heating systems are allowing these advantageous additions to bars to be heated efficiently and effectively without high costs. In turn, this creates a pleasant outside experience, whilst boosting capacity and profits of the bar.

Benefits of using infrared heating in bars

  • Infrared heaters are 100% efficient. You get in what you get out as they are unaffected by wind and don’t waste energy heating up the surrounding air. Instead, it heats up furniture and people directly, minimising energy wastage.
  • The heaters instantly heat up the area, unlike traditional convection heaters that waste time and energy by warming the air. So, can be turned on and off as needed.
  • Infrared heaters can be mounted on walls and ceilings or even chain hung from above. This means they don’t waste treasured floor space, allowing full capacity, whilst blending effortlessly in to surroundings.
  • Energy saving controls can be used to save energy, reducing costs.
  • Easy and fast too install and maintenance free.
  • Weatherproof, allowing peace of mind all year round.