Camping Heating

Although camping is all about being at one with nature, bad weather and cold temperatures can sometimes put a downer on the whole experience. Keeping these hard to heat areas warm has been a long-term problem amongst campers, due to the open space exposed to the unpredictable climate, often leaving campers cold.

Countless out-dated heating systems used to heat these areas are bulky to travel with as well as being tremendously inefficient. Furthermore, many of these heaters, such as gas heaters, require large gas bottles to be stored as they need to be frequently replaced.

However, innovative infrared heating technology is making energy efficient and cost-effective heating in campsites possible. Infrared heating systems are the closest heating to natural sunlight, using invisible light waves to produce concentrated beams of warm light, instantly heating the surface anything in its path, allowing campers to feel like they are basking in the sun!

Benefits of using infrared heating in camping sites

  • Mimics natural sunlight as to not ruin the camping experience.
  • Instantly heats up the area so can be turned on and off when needed, saving on running costs.
  • Compact design and low kilowattage make travel with the heaters easy.
  • No need to store large gas bottles as you would for traditional gas heaters, saving precious space.
  • Unaffected by draughts and wind, due to the infrared technology making them energy efficient and cost effective.
  • Directly heating areas where and when required, reducing energy wastage.
  • Creates a pleasant atmosphere, in contrast to the stuffy environment traditional heaters can often make.