Conservatories are a brilliant addition to any home, providing a place where you can feel at one at nature whilst enjoying the comfort of the indoors. However, this is not as pleasant as it could be if the heating isn’t right. Due to the large open space, with little insulation as a result of the glass, high running costs and inefficient heating are common when attempting to heat conservatories, meaning they can only really be enjoyed in the hot summer months as the weather permits.

Traditional methods used to heat conservatories, such as convection heaters, expend huge amounts of energy and money without respectable results. This is because these types of heating systems seek to warm up the area by slowly and uneconomically heating up all the air in the room. Furthermore, these traditional heaters are bulky and unsightly and can cause condensation, in turn damaging the ambience of the room.

However, the latest infrared heating technology is transforming old fashioned conservatory heating into an energy efficient and cost-effective system that will leave your conservatory being used all year round, regardless of the external climate.

Benefits of using infrared heating in conservatories

  • Infrared heaters instantly heat the conservatory, with invisible light waves directly penetrating people, furniture and other surfaces in the space rather than attempting to warm all of the air which is extremely slow and inefficient resulting in excessive running costs.
  • In contrast to gas and electric heaters traditionally used in conservatories, infrared heaters do not create condensation on the glass.
  • Creates a pleasant, fresh and warm environment, crucial to an area designed for relaxation.
  • Provides comfortable heat regardless of the lack of insulation.
  • Ensures your conservatory can be enjoyed all year round.
  • Easy and fast to install and maintenance free reducing long term costs.