Council Houses

For housing associations and local councils who have many properties that they manage, providing heating to these houses can be costly and take a lot of upkeep. But there is a modern alternative to traditional forms of heating that is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the reduction in energy costs and reliable performance it provides.

Infrared heating offers many advantages that will benefit council housing including lower running costs, easy maintenance and a long lifespan. The panels work by creating direct heat to surfaces and to people within a room and can be controlled via a thermostat to adjust the level of warmth required. By providing this consistent, comfortable heat, they minimise the amount of wasted energy compared to conventional heating equipment which omits heat within rooms and spaces that is then often lost through draughts in windows and door frames. This means that the panels maximise the quality of output whilst at the same time minimises energy consumption and resulting in smaller bills.

They are also a great option for reducing dust particles circulating the air which is welcome news for allergy sufferers. The technology used in infrared heaters is also safe and healthy, using natural energy instead of harmful chemicals.

The design of the panels allows for a lot of movement and capacity within rooms where space is often limited. They are slim and sleek and can be free-standing, wall or ceiling mounted to fit into properties with ease and once they are simply installed, they do not require any maintenance. They come in a variety of sizes and wattage dependent on the house’s requirements and a range of finishes to the models mean they will seamlessly blend into any interior. They are the perfect choice to help councils reduce their costs within their properties whilst also contributing to a greener way of heating homes.