Emergency Heating

Heat is a powerful and essential requirement in many situations, to provide warmth and comfort in times of need. It is something we often take for granted, that our workplace and offices are warm, but it is also something that we miss when it is not there. And there are times when unexpected things happen, and the need arises for emergency or spot heating in either a domestic or commercial area.

In these types of situations, the best choice for immediate spot heating is Infrared Heaters, with our range offering flexibility and durability when and where you need it most.

Advantages of using Infrared emergency heaters include

Safety – Our Infrared heaters have an anti-tilt safety device fitted as standard for all our emergency products. This helps to prevent misuse or any potential accidents when in use. They also feature lockable wheels for optimum safety and the Infrared technology means no flammable gas or naked flames for ultimate protection and peace of mind. The heaters feature a powder coating which prevents the heaters from harmful knocks or paint chips.

Flexibility – As the Infrared heaters are self-contained without the need for wires or plugs, they are fully portable, meaning they can be used where they are required. This is a great advantage to be able to provide heat exactly where you want it at an essential time. The variety of styles and sizes of the heaters also means you can pick the best option for your requirements, whether this is a small retail unit or a large industrial site.

Efficiency – Unlike conventional heating sources which take time to reach an optimum and comfortable temperature, Infrared heaters work straight away to provide efficient warmth. This means no waiting around huddled up, instead you can enjoy fast and effective heat. Their technology also ensures that the heat produced directly warms the people and objects in that area rather than wasting it in the air and creating below par results.

The emergency heaters are an ideal choice for many types of applications of mobile heating in both commercial and industrial spaces. They are a great product to help buildings with plaster drying or which have been affected by flood damage. Our emergency heaters supply both comfort from warmth and satisfaction from their performance.