Golf Driving Range Heating

Golf driving ranges are extremely popular destinations for golf players, but due to lack of effective heating this is usually confined to the warm summer months. In turn, this reduces the seasonal profits of the venue over considerable period of the year. Efficient heating would solve this problem, increasing the attractiveness of the driving ranges throughout the year. However, it is well known that these areas are not straightforward to heat as are outside and exposed to the weather, making heating them during the colder months expensive.

Traditional methods of heating such as fan and gas heaters are ineffective and unproductive when attempting to heat these areas. They are affected by draughts and can create stuffy and unpleasant environments, putting players off from utilising these ranges.

However, infrared heating technology solves all of these issues. By using invisible light waves to produce concentrated beams of warm light, you can take steps towards a system that provides consistent and gentle warmth to players, all whilst being extremely cost effective and energy efficient.

Benefits of using infrared heating on driving ranges

  • Due to the heat being radiated in straight lines, it is unaffected by wind and other variable weather conditions, making it the perfect heating solution for driving ranges.
  • The heaters can be mounted directly above where the players are stood, not taking up valuable floor space or obstructing swings!
  • Increased profits as a result of the ranges being utilised all year round.
  • Infrared heaters require no pre heat up time, providing instant warmth, making them energy efficient whilst reducing running costs.
  • Weatherproof, to provide peace of mind all year round.
  • Easy and fast to stall and maintenance free.