Indoor Heating

We pride ourselves on offering heating solutions for many different types of situations and we have a wide range of Infrared heaters that are perfect for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere for indoor and covered outdoor areas.

Heating is at the heart of constructing an inviting and welcoming environment, whether this is in your front room or in a shop. It is also vital for keeping employees comfortable in workplaces such as factories and warehouses and is also crucial for visitors to places that can be cold such as churches.

Whilst you may think heating different areas can be troublesome and expensive, Infrared technology is the perfect option with a host of benefits.

Adaptable – For many different types of applications, you need products that offer choice and flexibility and our range of Infrared heaters have this in abundance. With various sizes and styles there is something for every situation and features such as adjustable brackets and optional controllers allow for precise heat distribution, individual choice and maximum comfort. We can also provide the option of the heaters being fitted with guards to make them safe within any setting.

Energy Efficient – Infrared heaters are highly effective when it comes to energy consumption, they work by directly heating objects and people within a room or space, unlike traditional heating sources which waste a lot of energy by circulating heat in the air. The result of Infrared use is a reduction on heating bills and a lower carbon footprint, meaning they are great for your wallet and the environment.

Design – Our panels comes in a range of styles and RAL colours so you can tailor your heater to your specific setting. They can be wall or ceiling mounted or free standing to suit the requirements of your home or commercial building and will blend into the décor stylishly. Easy to install and with minimal maintenance, the heaters will become an instant and effective addition to your heating needs.

Included in our vast range of indoor heating products is the zero light eclipse ceramic models which are perfect for commercial and domestic spaces such as restaurants, casinos, photographic studios and many more places. Infrared heaters can give your indoor areas efficient and effective heat wherever you need it.