Low Glare Heating

With heating, often there comes light but there are some situations where less light or potential glare is required but not at the expense of the heating output. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise which is why we have created a range of heaters that offer the comfort of warmth, but minus the light. We have worked closely with a team of quality manufacturers to research and develop a collection of heaters that are designed to offer an ‘ultra-low glare’. The range includes the Radi8 Linear heaters alongside our existing excellent low glare products.

Infrared Low-Glow Heaters

When choosing a type of heater, it is crucial to think about the environment that this will sit within. This is particularly important for commercial properties where creating the right atmosphere for customers and clients to certain establishments is imperative. Settings such as hotels, casinos and VIP areas need to create the right ambience with their lighting, for their customers to feel comfortable and relaxed within that space. If there is was a glowing red glare from a heater in one of these situations, it would detract from the mood that was being created and clash with the tone of the environment. This is where ultra-low glare technology comes in, to deliver directed near infrared heat but without the intense and in this specific location unwelcome glow that comes with other standard shortwave infrared heaters.

No Need for Compromise

Whilst our low glare heaters may produce less light and instead a pleasant glow, this does not sacrifice the amount of heat that is created. Our unique design allows the heaters to still emit powerful heat to warm large areas whether this is indoors or in an exterior area. The heaters give exceptional performance for a multitude of commercial spaces without the light meaning your patrons can enjoy all the cosy comfort of warmth but without the glare.