Office Heating

A warm office leads to a happy office, a happy office leads to better productivity, and better productivity leads to high-quality work! While offices may seem a simple space to heat, they are inhabited by many people for long periods, who require varying levels of comfortable temperatures in order to work most efficiently. These people are typically sat at a desk with little movement, meaning that office workers are more likely to get chilly, compared to warehouse workers, for example.

Traditional gas heating is often inefficient for office spaces, as this kind of system heats the air, which then escapes as people enter and exit the office throughout the day or open windows. This means that a lot of energy and money is wasted as the heating system works to harder to keep the space at the desired temperature. These systems are also inflexible, as they keep the space at one temperature, meaning that many are unsatisfied with the temperature. Infrared heating panels, however, are much more flexible, as they come in all shapes and sizes and can be installed throughout larger offices to suit to varying needs of the workers. For example, our curved panel range can be placed underneath desks, making our heating systems quite personal.

Benefits of infrared heating in offices

  • Infrared heating panels can cut down heating bills by up to 80%.
  • Compact and attractive for non-disruptive appearance
  • Can be mounted on walls and ceilings or placed under desks to save space
  • Heaters can be turned on and off as needed as they heat up individuals and objects in the room instantly. Therefore, unused spaces within the offices can remain unheated and save energy and money.
  • Easy to install and maintenance free.
  • Placement of panels in various parts of the office means that the heating can be suited to the varying needs of office workers
  • Unlike traditional heating that create stuffy and unpleasant conditions, infrared heaters produce a fresh, comfortable space for staff.
  • Infrared heating is much more energy efficient and eco-friendly than traditional heating methods, meaning office workers can keep warm in the knowledge they aren’t creating many emissions.