Restaurant Heating

The atmosphere of a restaurant is integral to its ability to build revenue and create success. While décor, lighting and use of space contribute to the atmosphere, the temperature of the room is also a heavily important aspect in making any space comfortable – customers want to be warm enough to be able to enjoy their food, but not so warm that they feel like they’re sitting in the busy kitchen. It’s also vital that restaurants are warm enough to keep food hot and fresh even after it’s reached the table.

Heating these spaces can be difficult. Larger restaurants have lots of exposed space with a vast amount of air. The opening and closing of doors as diners arrive and leave mean that the warm air is constantly escaping, wasting money and energy. Heating solutions must also take up little space, and not disrupt the décor of the restaurant. While traditional heaters are hindered by these issues, infrared heating is definitely up to the task! As infrared heating heats objects and people from the core, rather than the air, restaurants are able to keep a comfortable temperature regardless of doors or space. Our sleek and modern panels are space-saving and attractive, fitting any décor. You can even have any design printed on our panels, including appropriate artwork, or even your menu!

Benefits of infrared heating in restaurants

  • Unlike traditional heating that create stuffy and unpleasant conditions, infrared heaters produce a fresh, comfortable space for diners, meaning they can focus on the important stuff – food!
  • Can be mounted on walls, ceilings and placed under tables, saving space and allowing the heat to be personalised to individual tables if needed.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Heaters can be turned off and on as needed, saving energy and money when certain areas of the restaurant are unoccupied.
  • Infrared heating panels can cut down heating bills by up to 80%.
  • Energy saving controls can be used to save energy, reducing costs.