Smoking Shelter Heating

While it’s not for everyone, research has found that over 6.9 million brits are smokers. It makes good sense, therefore, for businesses to provide comfortable spaces for customers and staff to smoke outdoors. And smoking shelters aren’t just for smokers – they’re a great space for customers to take phone calls or simply get some fresh air. Whatever the space is used for, comfort is a priority.

Traditional heating methods struggle to effectively heat outdoor areas, due to the vast amount of air that is exposed to the climate. Space heaters are often uncomfortable and risk burning the skin, while gas heaters are damaging to environment, due to the high level of carbon emissions they produce. But we’ve got the solution – infrared heating! By using natural infrared heat to warm objects and people from the core, these systems are not hindered by the air. Furthermore, unlike space heaters which use mid-infrared technology and produce uncomfortably aggressive heat, our far-infrared heating panels produce a softer, long-standing heat that will keep you comfortably warm for as long as you need!

Benefits of using infrared heat in smoking shelters

  • Can be mounted on walls and placed under tables, saving space.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Underfloor heating can be installed underneath concrete flags to produce comfortable heat in a modern fashion for your smoking shelter.
  • Heaters can be turned off and on as needed, meaning unused smoking shelters do not have to waste energy and money.
  • Infrared heating panels can cut down heating bills by up to 80%.
  • Much softer heat that doesn’t burn and can keep you comfortable for long periods.
  • Compact and attractive for non-disruptive appearance
  • Infrared heating is much more energy efficient and eco-friendly than traditional heating methods.
  • Unlike traditional heaters, which work to heat up the air, infrared heaters warm up instantly, meaning no chilly waiting period to heat up!
  • Unlike traditional heating that create stuffy and unpleasant conditions, infrared heaters produce a fresh, comfortable space for users without that burning smell.