Space Heating

Some buildings and areas are notorious for being difficult to heat, a combination of high ceilings, poor insulation and roller doors being constantly used contributes to these places losing heat rapidly and unable to recoup the warmth. Structures such as sports halls, churches, factories and aircraft hangers are most commonly affected by poor heat depletion.

Where there is a heating problem, Infrared Heating Supplies have the solution and that is no exception when it comes to space heating. Our range of industrial space heaters offer many benefits compared to other forms of commercial heating to deliver the best possible heat in the best possible way

Their ability to produce direct and controlled heat means infrared space heaters deliver savings on energy omissions and on overall heating bills. Instead of wasting energy in a large space, the controlled heating will work where it matters and when it matters, offering people comfort whether they are relaxing or working within a commercial area. They also present a safer option for workplaces as they do not become overheated unlike conventional heaters which are working twice as hard to produce heat which is then dissipated in the air.

Using Infrared technology, all our space heaters have a long lifespan, require minimal maintenance and have a bespoke range of RAL Colours to suit many areas.

They offer a great alternative to gas and convection-based space heating due to their ability to provide large commercial areas with a level of comfortable warmth and the energy efficiency that the Infrared technology produces. The heat produced by infrared feels natural and organic and as they do not circulate heat into the air, they reduce the amount of dust particles moving around an area and do not dry out the air like traditional heaters.

Our heaters provide the versatility for many commercial and industrial heating applications, they can be wall mounted, chain hung and even recessed into the wall. Their flexibility and their high quality make them the ideal option for any space heating requirement.