Sunshade Heating

We have heating solutions to match any specialist applications including sunshade parasols and the awning industry. The stylish and sleek design of the infrared heaters will compliment and fit discreetly with most sunshade and outdoor structure packages.

The full technology minimises the amount of wasted energy compared to conventional counterparts which heat up the air around them which is then often lost. Instead they work by heating people and objects within an area which maximises their functionality and reduces energy consumption. And when energy consumption is lower, it means great savings on heating bills which will be welcome news to homeowners and businesses. The Infrared technology also means that they are unaffected by external factors and will continue to produce the direct and sufficient heat required for both commercial and domestic sunshade heating products.

Installation of heaters is simple, they require minimal maintenance and are a product with a long lifespan. They can be controlled using a timer to deliver warmth at optimum periods and to help regulate the desired level of heat straight away in the onslaught of dropping temperatures. The Infrared heaters are designed to operate in varying weather conditions and throughout the changing seasons which makes them a great option for outdoor heating applications such as awnings as they can withstand windy and rainy days.