Terrace Heating

If you’re bougee enough to have a terrace in your house, you might have found that they are difficult to heat. With the exposure to the outdoors, and therefore the climate, traditional heaters struggle to keep these areas warm for long periods. However, if heated efficiently, the investment in a terrace can be much more value for money, as they can be enjoyed for longer periods and for more months of the year. We here at Infrared Heating Supplies want you to be able to sit out with a book and a beverage long after the sun has gone down, and we have the perfect system for the job!

While traditional heaters struggle to keep these areas warm, as they work to heat the air, infrared heaters heat the surrounding objects and people instead. This means that they cannot be hindered by the exposed air and can keep you comfortably warm for long periods. Unlike traditional space heaters, the far-infrared heat generated from our systems is non-aggressive, and imitates the natural soft light of the sun, making it feel like you’re basking in the sunshine through the evening! There are plenty more benefits of infrared heating.

Benefits of infrared heating for terraces

  • Our heaters are weatherproof, making them reliable all year round, even in the unpredictable UK weather!
  • The almost silent system means that your relaxing time on your terrace will not be disrupted by any heating hums.
  • Infrared heating is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, making it guilt-free!
  • Infrared heating produces much cheaper gas bills than traditional heating.
  • Heaters can be turned on and off easily, meaning that no energy or money is wasted when the terrace is not in use.
  • Our systems heat up instantly, meaning you’ll no longer have to sit in the chilly air awaiting comfort.
  • Our sleek and compact design, and the ability to mount on wall and ceilings means our heaters will use up hardly any room of your terrace, saving space for your plants, deckchairs, whatever you like!