Heating Up For Our Future

As we race into a future with a shortage on fossil fuels, we look towards a more practical and economically friendly option for saving not only money but non- renewable resources. Global organisations as well as smaller more local businesses are constantly exploring avenues to save money and lower their carbon footprints.

In a commercial building, block of offices or even your home, one of the largest expenses in maintaining a heating system. Racking up large bills, with the doors opening and closing as per business needs and customer demands, losing heat through open doors and windows no longer seems like a feasible expense.

It is then that we look toward Infrared Heaters. Arriving in the form of heaters and panels, readily personalised with branding designs, logos or artwork designs, there is room for an infrared heating panel in every business and home.

Why Infrared heating panels?

Infrared heating panels use energy to heat up the air within a room, including the buildings room objects, walls, flooring and general infrastructure. Infrared even warms us up from the core, maintaining a comfortable body temperature. The objects and the room then continue to release and radiate heat energy and release warmth creating multiple heat sources from just one resource.

Other than the efficiency of the heating panels, Infrared heaters and panels have a low installation cost and low running cost. You can have a better control on the temperature and time that you leave the heater on for. Because the infrared panel only needs to heat the surfaces within a room, it doesn’t waste energy unnecessarily heating up the air, and letting warm air escape through the windows, doors, ceiling and floors of the room. Infrared heating also prevents damp and mould, by keeping the surfaces dry reducing repairs and maintenance costs.

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