Quicker, durable and with cutting edge precision, our latest generation of WIFI thermostats are the future for electrical heating systems
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Zone Control

The Heato WIFI thermostat HUB guarantees the collective control of 1 to 8 heating routes or rooms. It provides remote access, via the internet, to all types of infrared and electric heating systems.

Easy Share

An individual identifier is built in to the MyBVF application allowing distinct separation for each room. The QR code reader does not require network configuration and provides quick access for each user.

Energy Saving

Each room can assign a photo and personalised name to the user interface. You can adjust the current temperature to your desired comfort level instantly.

BVF Heato8 and Heato9 WiFi Thermostat

Take over control

The Heato8 is a unit that works alone as a programme room thermostat, creating a clever, fast and cost-effective solution for the remote-control use of electric heating systems. When combined with the BVF Heato Box, the unit becomes a smart device and, through our special sensor venting solution, the results are temperatures that are more precise and controlled.


For 1 to 8 Thermostats

How does it work- Our Heato WIFI thermostats are the next generation in controlled heating offering stability, economic value and faster results. Unlike traditional WIFI thermostats, our devices do not take up capacity on your router and do not require an individual IP address within the internal network. Instead they communicate via radio frequency within the building or home, presenting a more stable option than WIFI.

What if there is no Internet connection? – Whatever the circumstance, the BVF Heato8 WIFI thermostats will continue in the operation mode of the latest command. The set temperature can then be adjusted manually within your chosen room. The device will then reconnect automatically when the Internet connection resumes.

With the Heato WIFI thermostat you can choose whether to start with smart control at the time the heating system is installed, or you have the option to add this feature at any time in the future.

2nd Generation WiFi Thermostat


Sleek modern design without excessive functions, it is easily operable with regular updates from your Appstore.

Quick Set-up

Unlike GSM modules, you no longer have to wait for response SMS messages, as the BVF server allows rapid and instant settings.

StandBy Mode

Even during application, the thermostat can be switched on or off, whilst the temperature data can still be detected at any time.


Via the graphic display, the device is simple to program on a daily and weekly basis. For ultimate convenience and adaptability, you can set up to 4 different time cycles in a day.

Easy Share

From one phone to another, the entire system or specific rooms can be shared through a QR code.

3 Different Modes

The user interface and the device itself offer comfort, economical and program modes.

How it Works

Connecting The Thermostat

Install the BVF Heato8 wifi thermostat according to the given heating system, following the guidelines before installation.

Connecting The Heato Box

Connect the BVF Heato Box to the router. USB + supplied network cable (RJ45). Then connection is established with the BVF server.

Download The App

Look for the latest version of the MyBVF application in Google Play store and Appstore.

Pairing The Heato Box

Pair the Box and the mobile application by pushing the SMART button and by entering the network password.

RF Connection

Connect the thermostats to the BVF Heato box by pushing the SMART button, in accordance with the guidelines (app. 1 minute/thermostat). You are now done.

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