Student Accommodation are often smaller rooms in modern purpose made buildings and therefore need to maximise their space. Also because of the amount of student rooms that may be within one building or for one busy landlord, it is best that they are fitted with modern appliances that require minimal maintenance.

This is where the use of Infrared heating panels would be perfect for heating multiple student rooms as they offer the ultimate combination of space saving design and a cost effective, low maintenance product. The Infrared technology creates a consistent level of warmth that heats objects and people in the room around them, providing a direct and more valuable source that limits wasted energy unlike conventional heaters which simply heat the air and create a loss of usage. They also heat up straight away to produce a cosy atmosphere immediately.

Their slimline and sleek design is not only more appealing aesthetically, but it also means that the panels can be fitted within limited spaces and small areas without any bulkiness that comes from traditional radiators. They come in a range of sizes and wattages that will compliment the dimensions and requirements for many properties and the panels can be free-standing, wall or ceiling mounted. There are also mirror heated panels which are the definitive way to save space in small bathrooms whilst doubling up as the room’s focal mirror point.

Easy to install and to conserve, infrared heated panels create a safe and efficient way to heat student accommodation without the risk of young tenants damaging them. They also provide an eco-friendly option that will reduce carbon footprint which is something that is prevalent in contemporary times. They are a fantastic combination of innovation and practical design to get the most out of your heating needs.