Infrared my Environment: Keep It Green, Keep it Clean

Often overlooked are the benefits of Infrared heating on not only our immediate surroundings, but the wider environment. We previously discussed keeping it Green this 2017 but we weren’t just talking about the colour.

Let’s discuss five reasons to keep heating environmentally friendly, using our Infrared Heating Panels to reduce more than just your Carbon footprint.

  • Low costs – Infrared heating uses radiation which oscillates and heats up objects around the room, including ourselves as oppose to only heating up the air. The efficiency is measured at 100% due to the conversion of its electrical input to its infrared output. Installation of Infrared Heating Panels is easy and cheaper without the complications of pipework. This not only increases your savings on energy bills but also your costs of installation and heating repairs.

  • Low carbon Emission – As Infrared doesn’t require the burning of raw fossil fuels which release carbon emissions and other harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide and bi-products to our environment, we can cut down on our carbon footprint.

  • Efficiency – Due to its 100% efficiency Infrared Heating Panels are better for our planet. By saving on the consumption of electricity when heating up your home or office, there is less of a demand for nonrenewable energy sources making Infrared eco-friendly.

  • Powerful Heating Sources – Infrared heating radiations are not affected by air draughts, maintaining a constant temperature within your home or office. Therefore, even if you switch off one of our Infrared Heating Panels, your home will continue to omit heat.

  • Solar panels- If your home already uses solar panels as one method of energy supply, then the energy generated and used to output heat from the Infrared Heating Panels in your home or office, are 100% free of any emissions.

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