Keep the warmth in your home

Chilly winter air seems to seep through the doors, walls, letter box and cat flaps of every home during the festive season. It seems that no matter how long you leave the radiators on, there is a constant chilly wind blowing from one corner or another. Here are 5 quick tips to warm your home this winter.

  • Infrared Heating Panels
    Subtle to the eye, and in tone with your living designs Infrared heating panels will maintain the temperature of the room, by heating up the air in the room as well as the objects such as the furniture, the walls and even the flooring and still use less electricity than a normal boiler of gas heater would.

  • Cover the cracks in your woodworks
    Although wooden floors look lavish in winter, they can really let the heat escape so cover them up with a warm rug to prevent heat from escaping between the gaps in the floor.

  • Use tin foil
    It might sound unheard of, however using a sheet of tin foil, rolled up and placed behind radiators causes the heat to reflect off the aluminium foil back into the room. Remember to bleed your radiators to release trapped air which prevents the hot water from rising to the top of your radiator. Use a radiator bleed key which can be purchased in most DIY shops.

  • Thicker Curtains
    It may seem like pointing out the obvious but curtains with a thermal lining will prevent heat loss from the windows. The thicker your curtains are in winter, the longer the heat will remain in your home. By preventing the warm air from escaping and letting cold draughts in, you won’t need to keep your heating on for any longer than it needs to be.

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