Conservatories can be hard rooms to keep warm and are often too cold during the winter months. However, with our infrared heaters, you can add luxurious warmth to your conservatory, slim in design the panels can be mounted onto the wall easily with brackets.

These heated panels can also be used for patio areas, larger rooms and industrial spaces which are usually uncomfortably cold. The infrared technology utilises direct heat and therefore reduces dust particles in the air that can accumulate from traditional heaters, making them a great choice for people who suffer from allergies.

The linear infrared heating range is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, they are durable and energy efficient and can provide huge savings on your heating bills, often by up to 80% which is great news for your home or business. They are also a better option for reducing your carbon footprint so both you and the environment will be better off with an infrared heated panel.

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