So Who Buys Infrared Heating Panels?

At IHS, we have had several customers build on their experience with Infrared Heating Panels and the success it has brought them in their homes. Here is some of our key customer thoughts around the products they have purchased:

Gemma Lowes

The reason I bought an Infrared heating panel  was for my holiday home in Cornwall which has a very old and expensive heating system. I tend to rent this home out to people so I need something that’s quite a good option and would not cost me thousands to repair. My current single pipe system was going to cost me nearly £6000 to replace with new boilers and radiators, which I was finding abit costly.

A friend of mine told me about heating panels and after doing some research I came across Infrared Heating Supplies. Sure, there are lots of people that do these heaters, but I wanted someone I can talk to as I am not much of a first time buyer on websites. I called them and after some discussion I purchased three different panels for my home. The great thing was, they looked really nice on the walls and went with the décor which boosted my photos!

Even though electricity heating can be expensive which were my concerns, I am really happy I went down this option. It is also 50/60% better and efficient then what I had previously, and that really works for me while renting this out. A lot of my customers were quite interested and have asked further.

Three months on, this is definitely something I recommend, and the support I was given from Infrared Heating Supplies really helped with my purchase.

Anders Vold

I currently live in a small two bedroom house which was refurbished a long time ago. As the house is quite old with tiled floors and no underground heating, it can get very cold. We have put several rugs but the overall warmth isn’t there. Me and my partner had decided we would like to lift the tiles from the floors but need some underfloor heating options.

This is very new to me and me and my partner don’t really know about modern heating options. A builder recommended me Infrared heating with good insulation. I came across Infrared Heating Supplies, who gave me brilliant technical advice. Three months on, we are now fully finished with the flooring and can see a massive difference.

Seema Uppal

Me and my husband have just bought a new house and we are both Designers. Our knowledge around Infrared Heating Panels was already there so we were looking to source a good supplier that also had good product knowledge. For us, we wanted something minimal to go with the rest of the design of our home.

Infrared Heating Panels are great for saving money and they look great in your home. As a supplier Infrared Heating Supplies really helped us to pick the right product for each room. There are so many options, even mirrored options for the bathroom which is just what we needed.

I am super happy with my purchases and we are always getting complimented and asked where they were bought from!

We have had some great customer feedback around their purchase. At IHS, we always ensure that our customers are given the best advice and we believe in our products to provide products to you that you can trust, from a reliable supplier. If you would like to speak us, just give us a call or drop us an email and we will be in touch!

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