The benefits of installing a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular as an efficient way of heating homes and other buildings. According to TheEcoExperts, 1.67 million households in the UK owned a smart thermostat in 2021. With the rising cost of living, the number of people wishing to save money and energy is only set to increase over the coming years.

There are a whole host of benefits that come with installing a smart thermostat.

Firstly, smart thermostats allow you to manage the temperature of a room from your smartphone, or any device connected to the internet. Simply connect your thermostat to the easy to download app and you can begin tracking and monitoring your energy usage immediately.

Use of the app means that the temperature can be controlled easily from your device. You can adjust the schedule with the touch of a button, meaning you are only using as much energy as you require.

Following on from this, we have cut out all of the unnecessary symbols and functions, making it easier for users to track, adjust and programme the settings of the device. As it is easier to understand and use, the smart thermostat is more energy efficient, potentially saving you up to 20% on your annual heating bills.

Here at Infrared Heating Supplies, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with safe heating solutions.

If you feel as though one of our smart thermostats would be a positive addition to your home, do not hesitate to contact us, or to take a look at the rest of our website for further information.

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