Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heating Panels

Welcome to the future of heating! Elevate your comfort and style with our innovative ceiling-mounted infrared heating panels. Designed to merge with any decor harmoniously, these sleek infrared heating panels provide efficient, even, and snug warmth from above. 

No more cold spots and bulky heaters taking up precious floor space. If you’re concerned about keeping visible heaters subtle, explore our collection of frameless infrared heating panels to change the way you heat your home. 

With our space-saving and energy-saving heating solutions, you can create a comfortable environment in any room without sacrificing aesthetics.


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Essential Benefits and Features of Infrared Ceiling Panels

Infrared ceiling panels provide efficient warmth through gentle, direct heating of objects and surfaces, resulting in consistent heat distribution and no cold spots or drafts. They are energy-efficient, requiring lower wattages for reduced energy consumption and cost savings.  With no moving parts or air circulation, they are silent and maintenance-free, making them hassle-free. Aesthetically pleasing with a sleek, slim design, they seamlessly blend with any interior. Programmable thermostats or smart home systems enable easy control of personalised settings, adding to their convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll find all you need to know about infrared ceiling panel heaters, including frequently asked questions about use, maintenance and when they’re an appropriate heating solution

What are ceiling-mounted infrared heating panels?

Ceiling-mounted infrared heating panels are energy-efficient devices installed on the ceiling that emit infrared radiation to warm up objects and people directly. They are discreet, blend with the ceiling, and provide precise temperature control. They are a sleek and unobtrusive heating solution for various spaces, such as homes, offices, commercial buildings, and outdoor areas. They do not require ductwork and can offer comfortable and even heat distribution, making them a versatile heating option.
Find out the differences between traditional and infrared heating in our helpful blog post.

When should you use ceiling-mounted infrared panels instead of wall-mounted heating panels?

Ceiling-mounted infrared heating panels are typically used when wall space is limited. Infrared ceiling panels are suitable for rooms with high ceilings, limited wall space, or specific heating needs. These infrared heating panels integrate with the ceiling, providing efficient heat distribution, and can be preferred for their modern design. Consulting with a heating professional or considering the unique characteristics of the space can help determine the most appropriate type of heating panel.

Find out how much wattage you need to heat every room in your house with our handy wattage calculator.

When shouldn’t you use ceiling-mounted infrared panels?

There are some situations when ceiling-mounted infrared panels may not be the most appropriate choice. 

Low ceilings: Ceiling-mounted infrared panels require sufficient vertical space to be installed properly. If the ceiling height is too low, the panels may not be able to provide effective heat distribution or get in the way of people and objects.

Incompatible ceilings: Not all ceilings are suitable for installing ceiling-mounted infrared panels. For example, suspended or drop ceilings with limited weight-bearing capacity may not be able to support the weight of the panels. 

Limited ceiling access: In spaces where accessing the ceiling is not feasible, like in rental properties or spaces with complex structural configurations, ceiling-mounted infrared panels may not be a practical option.

Incompatible heating needs: In spaces where different heating requirements exist, such as rooms with varying temperature zones or areas with specific heating needs, alternative heating solutions, like infrared heating panels, may be more suitable.

Design preferences: In some cases, a space’s visual aesthetics or design preferences may not align with the installation of ceiling-mounted infrared panels and are more appropriate for other aesthetic heating options that are more design orientated. Heating solutions like infrared mirrored or glass panels might better complement the decor of your chosen space. 

Can you change the appearance of ceiling-mounted infrared panels?

Yes, you can customise the appearance of ceiling-mounted infrared panels, including panel colour, shape, surface finish, and frame or trim. Find out more about how customising your ceiling-mounted panels can rejuvenate any tired space. Customisation options may vary by manufacturer and should be followed in accordance with guidelines. 

How high should an infrared heater be on the ceiling?

As a general guideline, ceiling-mounted infrared heaters are typically installed at a height of 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 metres) above the floor. Of course, this depends on the height of your ceiling. Factors such as the size of the room, insulation levels, and intended usage of the space should also be taken into consideration when determining the appropriate height for installing a ceiling-mounted infrared heater.

How do you install infrared heating panels on a ceiling?

Our ceiling-mounted infrared heating panels are equipped with a UK plug, making it easy to connect to a standard outlet. The back of the panel features two frames that make wall mounting a breeze. Using the provided template, drill holes into the wall and insert the screws into the wall plugs. Then, align the panel's frame with the protruding screws and mount it securely onto the wall. It’s as easy as that. 

Transform your space with personalised comfort! Contact us to discuss your customisation options.

Our Customers ❤️ Us
Glenn Nash
Glenn Nash
I purchased a wall mounted infrared panel for my conservatory - it has worked very well in keeping the area comfortably warm even during the coldest weather. Glenn Nash
Glenda Mosdell
Glenda Mosdell
I bought this infrared panel heater from this company to heat a small office in my shop. Their website was easy to use and gave useful information to choose the correct wattage for my space. The order arrive quickly. It was easy to attach to the wall and only needed to be plugged into a wall socket. It has been working well and I am very pleased with it. I would order from this company again.
Debbie Beckley
Debbie Beckley
A big thank you for the wonderful panel. I was able to measure the area needed and select the correct sized panel, and yes it heats well and very little added costs to my electricity bill each month. I will be buying a couple more for other rooms.
Caroline Watkinson
Caroline Watkinson
Brilliant service and excellent products
Julian Di Maio
Julian Di Maio
We are a shopfitting company relying on tight deadlines. IHS supply a very efficient service with all deliverys landing as i want them. Top service all round.
Rui Rodrigues
Rui Rodrigues
Already bought 2 infrared panels from this company. Both times service was great an all went smoothly. The panels work great and although I was sceptical about its perm once before buying it, after installing it, it works great and I went to buy a second one. Very easy to install and great value for money. Very sleek and thin as well. Thank you
Robyn Kesseck
Robyn Kesseck
‘We find the 350 watt FIR heater ideal when sitting at a desk or in a comfy chair – a gentle heat which keeps you warm in a cold room. You can run it for hours and only use a unit or two of electricity.’ Andrew King
Austin Kimm
Austin Kimm
Good service excellent product. Works much better than any other type of heater we have (3kw bar heater).
John Russell
John Russell
We have a 1900s terraced house with a rear "lean to" designed kitchen with a chimney and open fire. We have had a variety of coal fires and back burner boilers, some with a gas fire on the front. The chimney was always a problem due to a poor design of the kitchen chimney and its position near the main house roof. Finally we opted for a modern wall mounted gas boiler which vented through the kitchen wall. The options for heating the kitchen itself were an extension to the main radiator system or electric heaters. Like all fitted kitchens floor space was a problem. We decided to try an IR panel mounted on the ceiling and controlled through a simple socket plug-in thermostat with the intention of adding another if successful. It worked perfectly and so far we have not needed another. Choosing, buying and delivery was painless. No problems at all - thoroughly recommended.

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