Wi-Fi Infrared Bar Heaters with Remote Control

Introducing our state-of-the-art Wi-Fi infrared bar heaters with remote control, designed to keep you warm and comfortable all year round! With advanced infrared technology, these heaters provide efficient and effective warmth for an outside area or in your home. 

Adjust the temperature, set timers, and customise your heating preferences. You can even control your heater remotely using your smartphone or tablet, thanks to our Wi-Fi connectivity feature. 

Our heaters also come with easy-to-use manual controls right on the unit, giving you the flexibility to adjust the heat settings without using a remote. Have the freedom to choose a heating solution which suits your preferences.

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Key Features and Benefits of IR Bar Heaters

Our outdoor infrared bar heaters with Wi-Fi remotes offer a range of key features and benefits for your outdoor spaces — providing efficient and effective warmth and making your outdoor gatherings comfortable even in colder weather. The Wi-Fi remote control allows you to easily adjust the temperature, set timers, and customise heating preferences from anywhere in your outdoor space using a tablet or smartphone. This means you don’t need to manually adjust the heaters, giving you ultimate control and convenience.  Plus, with their durable construction and sleek design, our outdoor IR bar heaters are built to withstand the elements while adding a stylish touch to your outdoor decor. Upgrade your outdoor space with our Wi-Fi remote-controlled infrared bar heaters and enjoy cosy warmth during outdoor parties or relaxing evenings under the stars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our outdoor IR heaters with Wi-Fi remote frequently asked questions section! Find answers to common questions about our heaters' features, installation, and more. Enhance your outdoor living with our convenient and efficient heaters. Read on for more information!

Where’s best to install my IR heater bar?

Our Wi-Fi infrared bar heaters with remote control can be installed in a variety of outdoor spaces to provide efficient and effective warmth. Popular installation areas include patios, decking, gazebos, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor entertainment areas. Install on the wall with integrated mounting brackets, suitable for over 1.8 metres in height. These heaters are designed to withstand the elements and provide reliable heat, making them perfect for creating a welcoming and inviting outdoor atmosphere during colder seasons or evenings.  

Check out our range of installation accessories to help fit your infrared heating.

How long is the cable for my IR heater bar, and can I extend the cable?

The cable length of our IR bar heaters with Wi-Fi remotes is designed to provide flexibility in installation. The standard cable length is around 1.5 metres, which is suitable for most outdoor installations. However, if you require a longer cable length to reach a power source or for specific installation requirements, you can extend the cable using appropriate extension cords. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations at all times for safe extension cord usage. Always ensure that the extension cord used is rated for outdoor use and meets local electrical codes.

How many heat settings do Wi-Fi infrared bar heaters with remote controls have? 

Our Wi-Fi infrared bar heaters with remote controls typically offer multiple heat settings for you to choose from. The exact number of heat settings may vary depending on the model, but our heaters typically offer a range of options to customise the level of warmth to your preference.

Do IR bar heaters emit any smell? 

No, our IR bar heaters do not emit any smell. They are designed to provide clean and odourless warmth. The infrared technology used in our heaters operates without burning any fuels or generating fumes, making them a safe and eco-friendly heating solution. Enjoy the comfortable warmth of our IR bar heaters in your outdoor space without having to worry about any unwanted smells.

How do I connect my Wi-Fi infrared bar heater to my smartphone or tablet? 

Connecting to your IR bar heater is similar to connecting to a Bluetooth speaker. Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to Wi-Fi and your Bluetooth is on. You’ll need to download the Smart Life app from the Apple or Play Store and create an account if you don’t have one already. At this point, your IR bar heater should connect automatically, and the app should give you the option “Go to add” to pair the heater with your device. 

What should I do if my IR bar heater doesn’t connect to my device automatically?

  1. Open the Smart Life app, making sure your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are switched on. 
  2. Click the “+” symbol in the upper right corner of the app and select “Add device”.
  3. From the list of appliances, choose “Small Home Appliances” and then “Heater (Wi-Fi)”. 
  4. After selecting “Heater (Wi-Fi)”, connect your Wi-Fi. 
  5. Once linked, tap “Select device”.

To edit the name of your heater, press the pen icon in the top right corner. You can set up a timer by going on settings in the bottom right, by week and by temperature. 

Save up to 20% on your annual heating bills and keep track of your heating requirements.

Discover a reliable, affordable, and convenient smart thermostat to control your infrared heating.

Our Customers ❤️ Us
Glenn Nash
Glenn Nash
I purchased a wall mounted infrared panel for my conservatory - it has worked very well in keeping the area comfortably warm even during the coldest weather. Glenn Nash
Glenda Mosdell
Glenda Mosdell
I bought this infrared panel heater from this company to heat a small office in my shop. Their website was easy to use and gave useful information to choose the correct wattage for my space. The order arrive quickly. It was easy to attach to the wall and only needed to be plugged into a wall socket. It has been working well and I am very pleased with it. I would order from this company again.
Debbie Beckley
Debbie Beckley
A big thank you for the wonderful panel. I was able to measure the area needed and select the correct sized panel, and yes it heats well and very little added costs to my electricity bill each month. I will be buying a couple more for other rooms.
Caroline Watkinson
Caroline Watkinson
Brilliant service and excellent products
Julian Di Maio
Julian Di Maio
We are a shopfitting company relying on tight deadlines. IHS supply a very efficient service with all deliverys landing as i want them. Top service all round.
Rui Rodrigues
Rui Rodrigues
Already bought 2 infrared panels from this company. Both times service was great an all went smoothly. The panels work great and although I was sceptical about its perm once before buying it, after installing it, it works great and I went to buy a second one. Very easy to install and great value for money. Very sleek and thin as well. Thank you
Robyn Kesseck
Robyn Kesseck
‘We find the 350 watt FIR heater ideal when sitting at a desk or in a comfy chair – a gentle heat which keeps you warm in a cold room. You can run it for hours and only use a unit or two of electricity.’ Andrew King
Austin Kimm
Austin Kimm
Good service excellent product. Works much better than any other type of heater we have (3kw bar heater).
John Russell
John Russell
We have a 1900s terraced house with a rear "lean to" designed kitchen with a chimney and open fire. We have had a variety of coal fires and back burner boilers, some with a gas fire on the front. The chimney was always a problem due to a poor design of the kitchen chimney and its position near the main house roof. Finally we opted for a modern wall mounted gas boiler which vented through the kitchen wall. The options for heating the kitchen itself were an extension to the main radiator system or electric heaters. Like all fitted kitchens floor space was a problem. We decided to try an IR panel mounted on the ceiling and controlled through a simple socket plug-in thermostat with the intention of adding another if successful. It worked perfectly and so far we have not needed another. Choosing, buying and delivery was painless. No problems at all - thoroughly recommended.

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