Worried about your rising heating bill?

Who isn’t? So, how do you stay warm without raising your blood pressure and breaking the bank?

There is an electric heating system that is super-efficient, easy to install, requires zero maintenance and gives you fast instant heat when you need it most. Additionally, this heating is completely natural and healthy making it therapeutic!

Far infrared heating is now one of the fastest-growing heating solutions in the UK. It comes in the form of panels, linear bar heaters, mirrors, and glass panels. they can be installed in every type of environment whether it’s domestic or commercial.

So, let’s break it down. First, what makes it super-efficient?

Three reasons

  • Super-Efficient – In far infrared heating much less electricity is used to give out heat. In simple terms, less power is used – more heat is produced. Unlike traditional heating which uses far more energy to heat a space. Do you like the sound of that?

  • Fast Instant Heat – Here’s the technical bit so pay attention! The heat is directional and fast. This means electricity enters the heater and goes through the carbon crystals inside the far infrared heaters and emits invisible far infrared rays. The rays warm you and the fabric of the building, like the rays of the sun. Think about it when the sun comes out the rays warm you then they warm the surrounding areas. Do you like the sound of that even more? Traditional heating on the other hand warms the air which is then circulated round the room. If you think about it this is a very inefficient way to warm a space especially if you have tall floor to ceiling heights.

  • Therapeutic Heating – With far infrared heating the rays warm you directly they make you feel good. On the other hand, with traditional heating, you feel drowsy or get that itch through prickly heat. Also, here is a bonus for allergy sufferers, far less dust is circulated around the room and if you suffer from poor circulation or Reynard’s disease, far infrared heating is a fantastic low-cost therapeutic solution

Now I know you are getting interested. So, the next question on your mind is why do they not require any maintenance? Well, simply there are no moving parts. This saves you yearly servicing costs which you would have to pay if you had traditional heating.

These heaters are also extremely easy to install, so you can install them yourself.

Are you excited and want to find out more? We are based in Bolton, you lucky people, so come see them for yourself! For further information contact us at: info@infraredheatingsupplies.com or call us at: 01204520544

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