Infrared Heating Applications

Our Infrared Heaters can be used in many applications from domestic homes, office space, retail shops, hotels and restaurants and public buildings such as schools, colleges and hospitals and surgeries

Generally homes have been built with traditional convection heating systems, usually a central gas boiler and radiators installed in almost every room. But households come in all shapes and sizes and this means that traditional heating provides inconsistent levels of heat in each room and relies on air to distribute heat around the room, and as soon as a door is opened all this air is recycled with cold air again and the room needs heating up again, this means higher energy usage and therefore higher bills.

Infrared heating also gives a much more slick finish to a room, rather than the bulky radiators. We at IHS provide infrared heating which can heat up the house efficiently, and at the same time can add a slick finish to any room. We supply mirror heaters which can be used in hallways, bathrooms and kitchens, while the panel heaters can be added with a personalized picture to add personality to each home.

In an office environment and large open spaces in which people are moving around frequently are prone to droughts which waste energy and money, and leave employees feeling the chill. Schools, colleges and hospitals where there may not be a lot of wall space, can also install these on ceilings, and they can give the perfect warm atmosphere required.

Beyond financial considerations, traditional heating systems impact offices in many other ways too. Large radiators take up a lot of the space and affect the style and aesthetic of the office, while they also require constant costly repairs.

Restaurants can also use the infrared panels and this will give customers the perfect warm environment, rather than a hot stuffy atmosphere which can make people uncomfortable. Hotels can save massively on their energy bills by installing these rather than using the high energy using traditional electric heaters

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