Are cold classrooms hindering student’s performance?​

Think back to your days of sitting exams- be that A Levels, GCSEs or your university degree. For some of you, that may have been absolute donkey’s years ago, so you’ve had substantial time to wipe those dreaded memories from your mind. For others of us, our exams were merely months ago so the reality of tests is still fresh in our minds: freezing exam halls. If you’re anything like me, the only thing you dread more than actually sitting exams is knowing you’ll be shivering to death for 2 hours in a huge, freezing cold exam-hall. Before every exam, I used to wrap up in layers of my thickest clothes to ensure that I wouldn’t catch hypothermia from slaving away to complete the test in one position for hours!

Of course, the main reason most schools don’t heat exam halls is because it’s not a sustainable option money-wise. Exam halls are huge and exam season lasts for several months, so the energy needed for heating in this time-period just simply isn’t an option for schools. But don’t these temperatures impair student’s cognitive abilities?

Unfortunately, cold learning environments have negative implications on both schools and students. Not only do students find it harder to focus but they also consequently achieve lower grades, which affects the school’s reputation. Instead of using their energy to focus on their exams, students will channel their energy into keeping warm. We don’t want this to be the case for any students, so we bring schools a simple, cost-effective solution to heat their halls and classrooms: Infrared Heating Panels.

Infrared Heating Panels are the heating of the future. Not only are they versatile and easy to install but they can help schools save energy on their heating bills in comparison to conventional heating. The panels have much lower maintenance costs and help to create a healthy learning environment in schools for teachers and pupils. The heat emitted from Infrared Panels is likened to the warmth from the sun, so they help to create calmer environments to promote better cognitive function.

A main barrier for many schools is that they have difficult rooms to heat. If I think back to my former school (which can only be described as Hogwarts!) the old building had rooms which had clearly not been designed to reduce heat loss. Infrared Heating Panels can solve this issue as they quickly and effectively heat dull, cold rooms with the innovative technology.

The benefits don’t stop there though! Infared Heating Panels can easily be blended into any room and cleverly crafted into a design feature. For example, the school’s logo can be printed onto the panels and placed in reception to welcome prospective students and visitors. Alternatively, instead of spending money on educational posters, the information can be printed onto the panel surface!

No school kid should have to learn in a cold environment and sitting exams shouldn’t be a source of angst because of the room temperature. Infrared Heating Panels mean schools have fewer headaches, they increase students’ performance and they are sustainable energy.

If you want to find out more about the Infrared Heating Panels, get in contact with one of our design engineers who are happy to answer any questions you may have on 01204 520544. Alternatively, visit our website or drop us an email anytime We hope to warm up your schools, one classroom at a time.

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