What is the best heater for anyone who has solar panels? 

When it comes to making your home a comfortable and relaxing environment to live in, there are many factors that you may want to consider. One of those is heating, which of course raises a number of questions about what type of heating, how it is powered, and what is the most sustainable option. Renewable […]

What Do SAP and RdSAP Mean?

Alongside instant warmth, the clever technology of Infrared heating can provide the user with many other benefits such as a better EPC rating. To understand how far infrared heating can help your EPC rating, let’s firstly break down what SAP and RdSAP mean. What does SAP and RdSAP mean? Put simply, SAP stands for ‘Standard […]

Could Infrared Heating Protect You Against The Coronavirus?

Infrared heating has greatly grown in popularity over the years, somewhat thanks to the many health benefits. Among many advantages, research suggests that Infrared heating increases blood circulation, reduces joint pain and inflammation. It has long been used in medical applications such as physiotherapy to improve rehabilitation. As well as being useful in cases of […]

Can Infrared Heating reduce the spreading of viruses?​

Seeing as it’s flu season and we’re dealing with the latest outbreak of the new Coronavirus disease, COVID-19, we’ve been thinking about how we can take precautionary measures to reduce our risk of catching illnesses. Of course, there’s the standard procedures we’ve all been told hundreds of times such as washing our hands more frequently, […]

Are cold classrooms hindering student’s performance?​

Think back to your days of sitting exams- be that A Levels, GCSEs or your university degree. For some of you, that may have been absolute donkey’s years ago, so you’ve had substantial time to wipe those dreaded memories from your mind. For others of us, our exams were merely months ago so the reality […]

Infrared Heating: the solution to damp and mould in your home​

Have you recently invested in a new-build property, older property or listed building? If so, we know that these 3 properties have something in common: they all need heating. This necessity leads owners to a plethora of questions including what the best type of heating is, what the most affordable type of heating is, and […]

An Artistic Revolution: Combining Heating With Artwork​​

We all have our favourite artist or period of art, be that modern art, work by Da Vinci, or perhaps you’re more into abstract art. Whatever floats your boat, we all have our own individual tastes in art, regardless of whether or not we’re the next artistic prodigy or gallery enthusiast. Unfortunately, artwork comes at […]

Ollie the Cat: A Success Story​

Ollie the cat was a stray found wandering the streets. Emaciated, freezing and close to death, he was rescued by his newly adopted parents and gratefully brought to shelter in their garage. The new owners’ first issue to tackle was warming Ollie up as he’d been outside in the freezing cold Winter weather with little […]

Top Five Reasons Why Infrared Heating is Better Than Unit Heaters​

More and more people are beginning to use infrared heaters in their homes and offices, but some people are still questioning whether or not they really are any better than your average unit heater. Because it is a newer technology, some people are sceptical about how well they actually work. However, anyone who has one […]

How Economical is Infrared Heating?

It seems that the price for utilities is continually going up. In order to combat those high prices, many people are looking for alternative ways to heat their houses. One way that has become increasingly more popular is to use infrared heating rather than electric or traditional gas heating. But many people are asking if […]