Baggage Room Heating

Baggage rooms are an integral part of airport ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently. They are used 24/7, all year round, loading and unloading baggage on and off planes. Without them, the airport would suffer from long waiting times and delays. For these reasons, it is crucial to create optimum working conditions in these baggage rooms to ensure that workers are productive.

However, this is not straightforward. Baggage rooms are recognised as the coldest area of airport, situated close to the planes. Due to the extreme wind and doors constantly opening and closing, keeping them warm has often come at the cost of excessive running costs. In turn leaving the workers cold, and potentially unproductive due to their unfavourable working environment.

Short wave infrared heating technology can provide the solution to all of these problems. Unaffected by wind and outside temperatures, it is the perfect heating solution for baggage rooms.

Benefits of using infrared heating in baggage rooms

  • Can instantly heat up the cold area, unlike conventional heating methods that use convection currents to heat up all of the air in the room, which is slow and expends a lot of unnecessary energy.
  • Infrared heaters can be turned on and off to reduce energy wastage.
  • Zone control and varying operation times permit less heat to escape when the doors are open.
  • The heat, that mimics that of the sun, provides an enjoyable work environment, keeping floors, surfaces and tools all warm. In turn increasing productivity of the workers.
  • Easy and fast to install.
  • Saves costs in a number of places throughout the baggage room, such as reduced labour costs and less regular maintenance checks.