Boatyard Heating

Boatyards are disreputably cold, especially during the icy winter months. Extensive amounts of energy are expended in order to keep them warm and comfortable, however this is no easy feat. As a result of the constant draughts from the wide doors and high ceilings with large volumes of air prone to infiltration, this often leads to inefficient and expensive heating as well as cold and unpleasant boatyards.

However, advancements in heating technology are not only improving conditions in boatyards, but also dramatically reducing their running costs. Infrared heating solutions provide a number of benefits when combating cold weather compared too more traditional heating systems, such as gas heaters, that take a lot of time to heat up the area as well as creating a stuffy environment.

Benefits of using infrared heating in boatyards

  • A range of powerful infrared heaters combat cold weather in boatyards of all sizes.
  • Effective zone control and varying operation times reduce costs and energy wastage by permitting less heat to escape when the doors are open.
  • Infrared heat uses invisible light waves that are unaffected by wind, making them energy efficient even under difficult conditions.
  • Heating is instant, providing warmth in the boatyard immediately after being turned on.
  • Mimics natural sunlight creating an enjoyable environment by ensuring all objects, people and surfaces are kept warm, reducing heat loss to the surroundings.
  • Osmosis treatment
  • Aids anti-foul drying, which helps boat efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Heaters can be mounted on walls or ceilings so don’t take up space in the boatyard, increasing capacity.