Catering Heating

Kitchens and catering areas such as restaurants are often overlooked as areas that require high levels of heating. However, they are some of the chilliest parts of buildings as a result of large open spaces and metal surfaces that retain little heat. To ensure favourable working environments in professional kitchens and large catering areas, specialised heating systems are vital. However, due to the specific need of these spaces to adhere to meticulous levels of hygiene and safety, finding the perfect heating solution is not straightforward.

Traditional heating systems are not only unsuitable for these areas but are also unsafe, putting the professionalism of the space at jeopardy. This is because heaters containing glass are hazardous for use in near proximity to food, in case of the glass breaking and dropping in to the food. Furthermore, blow-air heaters unsettle dust, whilst emitting carbon dioxide and small quantities of carbon monoxide making these types of heaters unfitting for these specific environments.

Innovative infrared heating technology is making safe, energy efficient and cost-effective heating possible, whilst removing all of the risk traditionally associated. This is as a result of the specialised ceramic elements that replace glass in these infrared heaters, making them the perfect heating solution for catering environments.

Benefits of using infrared heating in catering environments:

  • Heaters contain ceramic elements and no glass.
  • Perfect for the kitchen environment as they don’t unsettle dust, as well as producing zero emissions, providing a safe and sterile solution to heating.
  • Instantly heat up large open spaces using infrared technology, directly warming up surfaces and people without having to heat up all the air in the large space, which is slow and uneconomical.
  • Infrared heaters can be mounted on walls and ceilings, as to not take up valuable space in kitchens and catering spaces. This also allows zone control to reduce energy wastage and costs.
  • Cost effective and energy efficient way to heat these professional spaces.
  • Easy and fast to install and maintenance free.