Church Heating

Churches are beautiful buildings that are often at the centre of many communities, however they are prone to getting very chilly in the cold winter months. Countless services and congregations being held in these spaces require a dedicated heating system to ensure they are comfortable and enjoyable places to be. However, heating these huge areas is no mean feat, due to churches often hosting large, open spaces containing vast volumes of air.

Traditional heating systems used to warm these picturesque buildings, often come with excessive running costs and unproductive results. This is due to standard church heaters attempting to heat the large volumes of air, which is not only slow and uneconomical but ineffective as this warm air rises to the top of the church, leaving the congregation below cold and uncomfortable. Additionally, these standard church heaters are often unsightly and cumbersome tarnishing the aesthetic of these otherwise striking buildings.

However, all of this can be avoided with the use of innovative infrared heating systems in churches. This type of heating provides a cost effective and energy efficient solution to problems conventionally faced with church heating.

Benefits of using infrared heating in churches

  • Provide instant warmth to individuals inside the church, with concentrated beams of invisible light waves directly penetrating individual’s skin, as well as furniture and other objects in the church, rather than heating up all of the air.
  • Heaters can easily be mounted on high walls and ceilings to heat specific parts of the church, reducing running costs.
  • Another advantage of this is that they are mounted well above eyeline, preserving the aesthetic of the church as they are out of sight, whilst providing effective and efficient warmth.
  • Infrared heaters create a fresh and pleasant environment, dissimilar to other church heaters that can make the area stuffy and unpleasant.
  • Easy and fast to install and maintenance free.