Commercial Heating

Commercial areas such as bars, shops and shopping centres, are characteristically hard to heat due to the constant customer flow, open and exposed spaces containing large volumes of air and doors persistently opening and closing, allowing heat to escape. Making this worse, it is crucial that these areas are pleasant and comfortable in order for them to be appealing to customers, however it is counterproductive that creating an environment that is attractive to customers is often costly and wasteful.

Heating systems traditionally used to heat these areas, such as large gas heaters are extremely inefficient and uneconomical, with high maintenance costs and ineffectual heating. Moreover, they are also often cumbersome and bulky ruining the aesthetic in these commercial spaces.

However, due to advancements in heating technology it is now possible to efficiently and economically heat these commercial places to provide an attractive and comfortable destination that isn’t stuffy and unpleasant.

Benefits of using infrared heating in commercial spaces

  • Infrared heating technology provide aesthetically pleasing heating that can be mounted on high ceilings or walls whilst still delivering comfortable heat to the customers and workers below.
  • Infrared heaters use invisible light waves that are not affected by wind, reducing the heat loss that happens as a result of the constantly opening and closing doors, making them cost effective and energy efficient.
  • Heaters can be turned on and off as needed as they heat up individuals and objects in the room instantly, by directly penetrating surfaces rather than heating up the large volumes of air in the whole room.
  • In contrast to traditional heating methods that generate stuffy and unpleasant conditions, infrared heaters create fresh conditions for both customers and workers.
  • Easy and fast to install and maintenance free.