Domestic Heating

Heating your home is a necessity but it can also be an expensive necessity. Providing warmth to many rooms means energy bills begin to increase and depending on the structure and size of the house, the cost can get even higher. Step forward Infrared Heating, which utilises modern technology to provide comfortable and safe heating which is also energy efficient.

We have been a leader in the field of Infrared technology and is now used all over the world as a highly regarded alternative to conventional domestic heating. Whilst it can be daunting to change how you heat your home, there are a host of benefits to Infrared which make it the best decision to switch today

Low Maintenance – Infrared heating panels are easy to install, once they are set up, they simply begin to get to work without any hassle. As the panels are self-contained with no screws or plugs, they require minimal maintenance and their hard-wearing material means they are highly durable, unlike their traditional counterparts which are susceptible to wear and tear.

Safety – The Infrared technology means no flammable gas bottles and no naked flames. Instead they offer a safer, more comfortable level of heat, akin to being in the natural warmth of the sun. The type of heat they produce is also healthier as they do not produce or circulate dust particles like their traditional counterparts which is welcome news to allergy sufferers. They also help to reduce damp which can be a direct result of radiators.

Variety – The Infrared heating panels offer sleek, modern design which will compliment any home exterior and will look stylish within any interior. Their compact appearance is also useful for rooms where space is limited, their slim design means you don’t have to compromise on heating even in smaller rooms of the house.

Energy Efficiency – Infrared heating has been proven to reduce energy bills by up to 70% when compared to other types of heating sources. They work by heating people and objects within a room rather than just the air within the room which means less energy wasted and lower heating bills. They are also an eco-friendly choice which is better for the environment too.

Our range of domestic heaters are the perfect option for many kinds of domestic heating applications such as Conservatory heating, terrace and awning heating, as well as your home and many more!