Factory Heating

Regardless of what a factory is making they are habitually large and therefore invariably hard to heat. Extensive quantities of energy are expended in order to provide comfort in these huge interior spaces, which are only growing with increasing demands for goods and services in our age of consumerism. Not only are these spaces almost impossible to heat effectively due to their sheer size, they also contain immense volumes of air that are prone to air infiltration as a result of doors constantly opening and closing.

Advancements in heating technology are making heating these areas effectively, possible. Not only are they improving working conditions in factories, they are dramatically reducing running costs, in turn boosting profits and productivity in these work environments. Infrared heating solutions provide a number of benefits to more traditional heating systems.

Infrared heating technology uses invisible light waves to produce concentrated beams of light, instantly heating the surface of anything in its path, mimicking the heat that comes from natural sunlight.

Benefits of using infrared heating in factories

  • Heating is instant, unlike conventional heating used in these areas that use convection currents to heat up all of the air in the room, which slow and costly. Furthermore, the recovery time of the temperature is reduced after the doors are closed again.
  • Infrared heaters allow zone control and varying operation times around the factory, permitting less heat to escape when the doors are opening and closing.
  • Infrared heating technology warms individuals, objects and surfaces, increasing the mean temperature of the room as well as reducing worker’s body heat loss to the surroundings, ensuring that all the workers in the factory are comfortably warm.
  • Infrared heaters can be mounted on walls and ceilings up to 30m high, whilst still providing effective heating to workers on the floor below. This saves precious floor space and the factory’s capacity.
  • Easy and fast to install and maintenance free.