Football Stadium Heating

Whether it be indoor or outdoor football stadiums, they are notoriously hard to heat effectively. Stadiums hold large and exposed spaces that conventionally require absurd amounts of energy resources to be expended in order to provide heat and comfort. Furthermore, as the demand for football tickets increases, stadiums are being expanded to increase capacity, making them even more challenging to heat. Additionally, not only are they near impossible to heat due to their size, they also contain vast volumes of air prone to high change rates particularly in outdoor stadiums.

In order to take steps towards a more comfortable viewing experience for spectators, a specialised heating system is crucial. However, this is not straightforward, as traditional heaters such as gas and fan heaters are simply ineffective in these environments, as they seek to heat up all of the air leading to excessive running costs and unproductive results.

However, significant advancements in infrared heating technology is making cost effective and energy efficient heating in football stadiums possible. This advanced technology uses invisible light waves to produce concentrated beams of warm light, instantly warming anything in its path, mimicking the heat that comes from natural sunlight. Infrared heaters therefore enrich the viewing experience without excessive costs.

Benefits of using infrared heating in football stadiums

  • Provide instant heat to spectators below, using concentrated beams of invisible light to directly penetrate spectators skin. Conventional heating methods attempt to heat the area by heating all of the air which in a football stadium is no possible.
  • Although these areas are draughty, infrared heaters are unaffected by wind, so provide effective heating regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Infrared heaters can be mounted above the spectators as to not take up seating space, allowing for full capacity.
  • Can be turned on and off to reduce running costs.
  • Easy and fast to install and maintenance free.
  • Weatherproof